2017 edition of “Second Life of Building” conference

Sep 01 2017

2017 edition of “Second Life of Building” conference

Revitalization in a literal translation means restoration, renewal – a new quality. Renovation of buildings (offices, shopping centers, hotels) and revitalization of entire quarters in cities are beginning to be a strong trend on the Polish real estate market.

Poland, like mature European markets, is taking a course for renovations of buildings, not building new ones. Why? In urban areas, attractive land is slowly missing, and the revitalization of existing buildings is in line with the idea of ​​sustainable construction. The real estate market in Poland is bearing a new wave.

The all-day conference SECOND LIVING OF BUILDINGS is the first event in Poland, during which the problem of revitalization and giving the existing building new life and functions will be discussed so widely and comprehensively.

  • Panels, discussions, trends
  • Case study
  • Networking
  • A new phenomenon on the Polish real estate market.
  • Benefits of modernization – financial, investment, environmental, urban planning, marketing
  • Examples of successful, spectacular revitalization and modernization projects
  • Legal issues related to historic real estate and financing of real estate revitalization processes
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