Report revitalization & modernization in Poland is published!

Feb 14 2018

Report revitalization & modernization in Poland is published!

The first report in Poland presenting revitalization and modernization was published by the Second Life of Buildings Initative.

The document is 87 pages of substantive knowledge about revitalization projects and modernizations in Poland and abroad. Topics related to urban regeneration, renovation and modernization of buildings.

  • Comments and will discuss up to 18 experts
  • Detailed analysis of revitalization programs in the 7 largest cities
  • Dozens of examples and analyzes of revitalization projects implemented by developers
  • 900 properties for sale
  • Charts and tables with data
  • Urban revitalizations and those implemented by developers
  • What are the challenges (legal, financial, technical, image) facing revitalization and renewal of real estate and cities, and how to deal with them to achieve success


  • The explanation of what revitalization is in the statutory sense, but also how the revitalization processes are complemented by the developers’ investments
  • Information on revitalization programs in major Polish cities, including in Warsaw, Łódź, Poznań, Katowice, Gdańsk and Wrocław
  • The amount of expenditure on revitalization financed from public funds
  • Legal challenges in the process of revitalization carried out by private entities
  • Office market in the context of the second life of buildings – historic buildings, and aging of modern office space
  • Examples of a positive combination of revitalization carried out by the local government with the activities of private entities on the example of the Praga district of Warsaw
  • Technical challenges in the revitalization of buildings
  • How many buildings are waiting for the “second life” – the size of the real estate market dedicated to the renewal
  • Marketing as a strong element in the process of revitalization and modernization

Free, short version is available here

If you would like to receive a  free, short report version in PDF file, contact us:


  • Detailed information about models and methods of financing revitalization processes
  • How to get grants and other forms of support
  • Legal issues related to revitalization
  • Revitalization in the Public-Private Partnership model
  • Implemented and planned revitalization projects financed by private companies
  • Data showing the size of the revitalization market conducted and planned by developers
  • Selected examples of the most interesting revitalizations in the world – how have the foreign metropolises and single buildings managed to revitalize?
  • Technical challenges of modernization of contemporary, functioning buildings
  • How to use marketing tools to be successful in renovation projects for buildings and cities

Full – paid version cost is 400 PLN net + 23%VAT

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