Second Life of Buildings Poland & CEE 2021 online – 9th of June!

Apr 12 2021

Second Life of Buildings Poland & CEE 2021 online – 9th of June!

There is no doubt that we currently operate in a reality diametrically different from the one we know from a year or two years ago. The entire real estate market is undergoing transformation – we use office spaces, public squares, shopping centers and hotels differently. The expectations of tenants, developers, city residents, financing institutions or investors are changing. Are new trends emerging as a result, or is the pandemic simply accelerating inevitable change?

Undoubtedly, future revitalization and modernization of cities and existing buildings will take place in the new reality. Technologies, pro-ecological solutions and placing human needs at the center of the space design process are trends that have been shaping the market for several years and setting the direction for the entire industry. Nowadays, it is difficult to imagine a new investment without them. Will they gain importance in the post-pandemic world? Or maybe the real estate industry will use market trends in a completely different way? One thing is for sure – the shape of the future is been creating right now!

We have a great pleasure to invite you to 4th edition of the international conference “ Second Life of Buildings. Poland & CEE”. This year’s edition will be online version. Join us 9th of June!


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